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Directed by Dumb and Dumber

"Thanks, I've always thought that Talk Soup was some of my best work."

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I really wanted to like this movie simply because I admire the concept. Bobby and Peter Farrelly have been teased about "sharing the same mind" ever since they came to Hollywood on a lark, much like their conjoined creations in this movie. One of many brother combos in Hollywood (the Coens, the Wachowskis), the theory is that brothers can bounce ideas off each other and get honest feedback--they think as they go, finishing each other's sentences, as if a single mind is conversing with itself. The problem, I would guess, is that one's individual identity is harder to come by--even if the brothers have distinct personalities. So here's shock artists Bobby and Peter Farrelly, describing this feeling through the metaphor of conjoined twins.

To begin, I don't think the movie is insensitive to conjoined twins. However, I don't know any to ask, but the Farrelly's don't seem as hypocritical or exploitative as they do in Shallow Hal--we are asked to laugh at some of the twins antics, but not with the mean-spiritedness of Rosemary (Gwyneth Paltrow in a fat suit) breaking chairs. In fact, this movie isn't the usual parade of mental and physical disability that we're used to from the Farrellys--though they do trot out a few, don't worry. Instead, this movie wisely focuses on the relationship between Walt (Greg Kinnear) and Bob (Matt Damon). The first two acts of the movie are touching and sweet, in that elusive There's Something About Mary way--in fact, Kinnear and Damon invest a lot of feeling into the relationship. Yeah, there's the unbelievable antics like the hockey goaltending and accommodation of sex, but in the quiet moments when the brothers discuss their lives and ambitions, the movie is surprisingly touching--mostly because you've got two decent actors working with some decent material.

The problem is that the movie completely falls apart in the third act. The Farrelly Brothers Conjoined Twins movie has no business being much past 1:30, and especially not its two hour runtime. They milk it, and all the goodwill cannot be sustained. Too many jokes undermine the relative believability of the relationship, and the Farrelly's writing can only hold out for so long. They try to prop up the resolution with Cher, but that is as bad of an idea as it sounds. Had the movie been tighter and more concerned with honoring the abilities of its lead actors, it might have become a bizarre nugget of genius--like Mary or Kingpin. But Farrellys once again overestimate our appetite for their brand of sentimentality.

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