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Above: Josh Ziegler's scathingly funny cartoon from the most recent "KC Pitch".

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Above: “Professional” young, hip film critic/quote whore Shawn Edwards from Fox-4 News Kansas City, on his cell phone to order more wine for the next Pitch Music Awards. Also pictured, Lawrence Journal-World film critic Jon Niccum in the graphic from the “Knock Niccum” Oscars contest. We assume Niccum is Getting Knocked by Shawn Edwards.


Above: Shawn Edwards at Blonde nightclub on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City with a Kansas City Chiefs cheerleader. This is where he hosted his after-awards party for his "Anti-Establishment," "Anti-Oscars" Fox 4 Movie Awards. Which was filled with Oscar nominees and Oscar winners, and saddled with Shawn's crippling desire to be cool. Besides, would a real "Man of the People" have his awards show at a club that's owned by a porn company, caters to the Chiefs.

3-1-08: Hearne Christopher vaguely alludes to "film snobs" in the paper, insulting us by saying that we "don't have jobs in the industry"--when, in actuality, James is the film critic for KY-3 in Springfield.

Better Know a Gossip Columnist! Let's catch up with our good friend, Kansas City Star gossip columnist Hearne Christopher! Long time readers may remember the last time Hearne attacked us, in what we simply refer to as “ The Shawn Edwards Saga ,” where we nailed him, Colbert-style, for being a sloppy journalist . Last Saturday, Hearne once again took a shot at us in the newspaper, but now he's not even mentioning us by name—just making oblique references to “film snobs” and tossing off his snide little comment. C'mon Hearne—if you're going to attack us, at least have the balls enough to call us out by name and pay us the professional courtesy of helping spike our hit count!

Hearne congratulates Shawn and Russ Simmons for winning the Los Angeles Press Club's inaugural Entertainment Journalism Awards. First, I'd like to reiterate that I really like Russ. He's always been a hell of a nice guy in the limited time I've been around him, and I really like the features he does on Fox 4. Russ is a member of the KCFCC Governing Council, which as we've said before, is one of the most progressive civic film critics organizations in the country and has been a great help to us. Not to mention the fact that Russ is excellent on the radio, and he writes thoughtful reviews at eKConline . We couldn't be happier for Russ.

Our problem is with Shawn Edwards and his quote whore-iness, his cultivation of this condescending “Man of the People” persona, and the fact that he was rude and unprofessional while in the KCFCC. Our problem with Hearne is that he slanders us in the paper on behalf of Edwards, has his head so far up Shawn's ass that he can't understand our anti-Edwards argument , and, most importantly, he's an extremely sloppy “journalist.” I mean, if Hearne wants to feud, that's fine—just, you know, get your facts straight.

Now Hearne really thinks he's nailed us, and he's getting personal about it. We're not going to get into Hearne's extremely stupid “Shawn Edwards isn't a quote whore because the studios don't run his negative quotes” argument. We're going to simply point out that, once again, Hearne Christopher doesn't get his facts straight and that doesn't stop him from slandering us in a major metropolitan newspaper.

In final paragraph of his column, Hearne says, “ Better yet, come home, all will never be forgiven by the film snobs. Edwards has demonstrated that he can take repeated lickings and keep on ticking. And unlike many of his detractors, he has an actual job in the industry, with a paycheck to boot. ”

Well Hearne, one of the filmsnobs does have a job in the entertainment journalism industry. James is now the film critic for KY-3 in Springfield , where he does his “Front Row at Five” segment every Thursday, and gets to interview actors and directors for his pieces. What started as two dudes with a modem in 2001 has resulted in an actual television job in the third largest media market in Missouri . I understand that Hearne just wants to insult us, and that's fine. Whatever. But before you attack us publicly in the paper, Hearne, do your homework. If anybody at the Star was cared or paid attention to how sloppy and insulting Hearne is (Remember Buck Buchanan's downtown landscaping project from beyond the grave?), he wouldn't have “an actual job in the industry.”

2-06-06: Shawn Edwards Compares the Filmsnobs to Osama bin Laden in a Hearne Christopher, Jr. column in the Kansas City Star.

Movie Awards Splash into the Mainstream:

One of the Cowtown's most high-profile, controversial critics is set to cede his cinema soul searching to the citizenry.

For years, some local and national movie critics have bashed Fox 4's Shawn Edwards over his plaudits in movie ads for films they find wanting. Now Edwards is going to let his viewers vote. And at 9:30 p.m. Feb. 24 Edwards will reveal the results of the first-ever Fox 4 Movie Awards . The anti-film snob balloting began Feb. 3 on .

“We're going to have 10 different categories up on our Web site where the viewers actually get to vote,” Edwards says. “The people who actually spend their money at the multiplexes get to vote. It's not the critics groups that meet in a cave like Bin Laden and come up with all these choices that don't match mainstream movie taste.”

The motive to Edwards' movie madness: “We decided to let the people have their vote, because without them, Hollywood wouldn't exist,” he explains. “Critics don't drive Hollywood; people drive Hollywood.”

If it sounds like Edwards has a bit of an ax to grind, perhaps a little background will help.

Critics such as Lawrence-based James Owen and Stephen Himes — who describe themselves as film snobs — have gone out of their way to bash Edwards for dishing out positive movie reviews while largely ignoring his negative reviews of films such as “ The Dukes of Hazzard” and “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo .”

Edwards, on the other hand, describes himself as a man of the people — not a snob or a geek. “This is definitely the real deal,” Edwards says of his new awards. “These are the real Oscars — Kansas City's version of the Oscars, for sure. Don't get me wrong — I could pick all the (actual) Oscars right now. But we want to let our viewers have some fun and have their say.”

3-16-05: Read our Analysis Where we Prove KC Star's Hearne Christopher is a Flip-Flopper on the Subject of Shawn Edwards. This is Hard-Hitting Jouralism, ya'heard!

03-14-05: Read Christopher's Response to the Filmsnobs' Response to Shawn Edwards in Today's Kansas City Star. Hey Hearne, Thanks for the Free Press!

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